Personal Log YC114.01.14.

~James sits at one end of a large oval table inside an oval room.  The architecture is typical for a Federation Station.  Muffled sounds of construction can be heard nearby. ~

James Syagrius> Personal log, computer please insert today’s date. 

James Syagrius> Remodeling has began on our newest office… ~is interrupted by a loud repeating percussive noise, James’s expression changes slightly showing some irritation.~ … located in the Astral Mining Refinery orbiting Intaki V.

James Syagrius> While material isn’t in as short supply as I had assumed, considering the political situation in Intaki, the work ethic of the locals is…. ~is interrupted again by a loud vibrating percussive noise, James’s expression changes again, showing even more irritation. ~ exasperating.

James Syagrius> Overall I am pleased with the direction of things at the moment.  Kat has settled into his own, his business since is keen, even predatory.  Which in and of itself explains why… ~is interrupted yet again by a loud percussive noise, James’s expression doesn’t change, but he slowly starts drumming his fingers on the table’s surface~... which is why I asked him to take the post. 

James Syagrius> ~smirks to himself. ~ The brothers Polix continue to haul in vast amounts of product.  There drive, I honestly don’t understand, but the results are lucrative for them and Reclamations.

James Syagrius> Loreael, one of our new...  ~is interrupted by a loud percussive blast that is powerful enough to rattle the table and knock dust into the air, James takes on a worried look as he looks in the direction of the disturbance, then shakes his head while rubbing the bridge of his nose.~ ...members he can fly an Orca, always a bonus, and brings additionally robust skills in other areas to our labors.  While quiet, he has incorporated himself into the group and I have high hopes regarding his future. ~pauses for a second as if sniffing the air, in a raised voice.~ Is that smoke?  Do I smell smoke?  Well for the love of... End log.