The better part of valor is discretion, in the which better part I have sav'd my life.

~James stands near an observation window in Reclamation Technologies Offices in Shizu Station.  The deep thud of concussive impacts gently rattles through the structure, accompanied by a barely perceptible but terminal vibration. ~

>Oland Jan: Will we help them.

>James Syagrius: We don't have the means.

>Oland Jan: No matter the cause, this is not right.

>James Syagrius: ~He smiles and looks at his feet for a second, then back to the small fleet assaulting the station.~ If the principle player in this wasn’t a known idiot, I would suspect the whole thing contrived.  But no matter, we have been played, Oland.  Played for fools yet again. 

>Oland Jan: ~Glances to the window then back to James.~ I don’t understand.  By who?

>James Syagrius.  Everyone, even those you wish to help.  We thought there was a chance, a chance to build something… brighter.  To foster understanding…. you know.. the ambiguous things that make us all feel human.  We were even arrogant enough to hope for peace.  But there can be no accommodation with… them. ~James waves a hand towards the offending fleet.~

>Oland Jan: Is it bad to wish for better?

>James Syagrius: ~Chuckles and shakes his head no.~  No, but is usually unwise.  I let hope take hold you see, and now we pay for being foolishly optimistic.  ~Glances an Oland.~ You’re going to be unemployed soon.

>Oland Jan: Did I do something wrong?

>James Syagrius: ~Chuckles and shakes his head no yet again. ~ Most likely, but in this instance, you didn’t, you are loyal and kind, a rare enough mix indeed.  But you deserve better than I can give, and I may well fail in the task I am setting for myself.  I wouldn’t ask anyone to travel with me.

>Oland Jan: I, ~Pauses for a moment~ Understand.

>James Syagrius: ~Smiles and nods absently as chaos reigns. ~ Well, let’s see what happens next, shall we?  .

"Farewell! thou art too dear for my possessing"

~Two men stand near the embarkation ramp of a Federal Shuttle.  The older in a conservative business suit with Amarrian accents, the younger in contemporary traveling gear.  Two men in yellow jumpsuits exit the shuttle and nod to the men, The younger returns the nod and thanks them, the older man pays them no notice.~

>Tycho. I am loaded then.
>James. It would seem so.
>Tycho. You have been a good man to me.
>Tycho. I hope you find a happier way.
>James. We walk the paths we choose.

~Nodding to the waiting shuttle.~

>James. The pilot is one of mine, he will get to where your going.
>Tycho. Ho you are worried I will get lost?
>James. No.  Tycho you are the least lost person I know.
>Tycho. I thank you James Syagrius for all of it.
>James. In the balance of things, I am in your debt.

~flashes a broad smile~

>James. Now go, be happy.
>Tycho. Good bye James.

~Tycho steps towards James embracing him.~
~James momentarily confused returns the embrace and whispers something into Tychos ear.~
~Tycho backs away searches for something in James face, then nods.~
~Walking up the embarkation ramp Tycho turns and waves before disappearing into the ship.~
~As the ramp raises James moves out of uplift range and watches as the shuttle makes its way out of the hanger.~
~After several minutes a young Ni Kunni approaches James, bowing deeply before he speaks.~

>Ta'Noth. Good sir, it is cold here.

~James turns and gives the young man a kind smile.~

>James. Yes it is, thank you for reminding me.

~The young Ni Kunni follows as James makes his way out of the hanger.~

"Hanging and wiving goes by destiny."

~James stands and walks slowly away from his desk and the letter on fine linen paper~

"Beloved, I have gone to live in the house of my father.

You are gone, save for the child, I am alone among these wicked people.  This horror for whom you toil is a thing of the pit.  I cannot abide his house, nor watching him poison your will.

You have been a good husband.  Our Robert, bringing my family to prominence, indeed all worldly things you have provided.

I see flickers of the man you were, but you are not the same.  

The rest I will leave unspoken.  Know that I love you, I will remember the Uellarion blossoms.

Lelleh Daughter of Hygelic"

"I have seen the Footman..."

~James with pen on paper writes~

Atop this perch, I watch.  The churning chaos of commerce.  Where want, need, desire and greed do dreams make or crush.  Loyalty is in the lie.  Honor bleeds, and no one cares.  Nothing is what it should be.  I am fool, old and tired.

~James sets down the pen, touching his desk, a reluctant voice answers~

> Secretary: Yes sir?

> James Syagrius:  Sell it all.

~A long pause~

> Secretary: Yes sir.

"Cut off even in the blossoms of my sin,"

~ In a darkened room aboard the Astral Mining Station orbiting Intaki V's Fifth Moon, James Syagrius sets quietly, stroking the hair of the small Sebiestor boy asleep on his lap, his gaze fixed on a small box made of expensive wood setting on a nearby table.  Quietly, barely above a whisper he says,

"Welcome home Robert."

"Hanging and wiving goes by destiny."

Lellah daughter of Hygelic flanked by a small Sebiestor boy and two discreetly dressed bodyguards, disembarks from a Helios class frigate. 

Surveying the vast hangar she fixes her imperious gaze upon the docking crew busily unloading her baggage. 

A young overly energetic Galleatian male in Aliastra Retail Center livery approaches her with a nod. 

“Welcome to Akila VI Ma’dame Syagrius! I have been asked to...”

A savage slap interrupts the young man, nearly toppling him.

Recovering himself he stares at the woman with a mix of amazement, anger, and fear as he and her small entourage brushes past him.

“Take me to my husband boy!”

Our doubts are traitors,

~James is standing at his desk, looking down on the tiny projected image of a young man in a Federal Navy uniform. ~

James Syagrius> So what your telling me Lieutenant is that there is, ~shrugs~ nothing you can tell me?  Is that correct?

Lt. Mabry> Yes Sir, that is about it.

James Syagrius> So Reclamation Technologies loses a freighter, loaded with ice and a crew, in a Federation high security system ~extends his arms outward~  far from the war zone, to State Protectorate forces and you can’t tell me why?

Lt. Mabry> Yes Sir, I can’t.  I, ~pauses~ what I mean to say is, ~pauses again~ no I can’t.

James Syagrius> And I suppose you can’t tell me why the Federal Navy didn’t respond?

Lt. Mabry> No Sir.  All I can say is that it appears that no Fed Navy assets were in system at the time of the unfortunate attack.

James Syagrius> ~Sighs~ Well thank you Lieutenant you have been considerably more helpful than the idiot who contacted me from Federal Admin.

Lt. Mabry> Again Mr. Syagrius I want to express the... ~James waves his hand over an indicator killing the communication.  The tiny figure of Lieutenant Mabry flickers out of existence in mid sentence. ~

~James walks over to the corner of his office to inspect the flag of the Federation standing proudly in the corner.~

~In a rare bust of expressed anger James grabs flag and pole roughly, then slams them to the floor. ~ 

Avarice? The vice of declining years.

~James watches the tiny figure floating above his desk end their discussion. ~

Name Redacted> “We understand that his would mean a significant change in the way you conduct business.  A businessman like you must realize the potential for profit in catering to vice.  I expect you will seriously consider our offer?”

James Syagrius> ~nodding politely towards the image. ~ I thank you for your kind offer and assure you Name Redacted that I will. 

Name Redacted> “Thank you for your time James.” ~Bowing the tiny figure winks out of existence. ~

~James selects a particularly succulent olive from a small bowl, and then leans back in his chair reflectively. ~ 

For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar's "Angel".

~ Slowly turning a fragment of charred metal between his thumb and forefingers, James walks down a familiar gangplank.  On each side vast bays filled with shimmering Blue Ice are being processed.  Stopping to absorb the spectacle of automated industrial might, he pitches the bit of metal into the air catches it, then with a smile tosses it into the bay below. ~ 

Those pretty wrongs that liberty commits,

~James walks slowly down a illuminated gangplank; his hands behind his back, on each side vast bays lay bare.  Immense machinery designed to shift and compress unrefined materials lay idle.   The only sound, his boots reverberating in the great empty spaces until he pass’s out of view. ~

A house is not a home.

~James is in his now familiar office.  The usual omnipresent wall displays are inactive; the office is bare of anything but furniture.  A small Sebiestor boy walks into the office holding a round transparent containment capsule enclosing a small overly domesticated ornamental fish.~

The boy> Kiruss doesn’t want to leave.

~James turns half smiling towards the boy. ~

James Syagrius> Really?

~The boy nods his head vigorously, sloshing the liquid environment contained within the capsule and its resident. ~

James Syagrius> I see.

The boy> Do we have to go?

~James sits on the corner of his desk now devoid of clutter his face impassive. ~

James Syagrius> Yes.

The boy> But why?

James Syagrius> Well some people have decided they want to hurt us, and I cannot properly protect you here.

~The boy frowns seeming to understand but saying noting. ~

James Syagrius> Are you all packed?

~The boy slowly nods yes. ~

~James smiles and the boy and points at the fish. ~

James Syagrius> Well good, now you should take Kiruss and get to the shuttle, we don’t want him to get nervous.  Will you be riding with Nana?

~The boy smiles and nods yes~

James Syagrius> Well get going!  ~shooing the boy along with his hands. ~

~The boy smiles, turns and hurries towards the door, then stops and faces James. ~

The boy> Well we ever get to come back?

~James looks at the boy and gently says~

James Syagrius> No.

~The boy considers this a moment, then turns and walks slowly through the door. ~

~James seeming older and smaller stares at the door for several moments.  Then stands and walks slowly to the barrier wall looking out over the familiar seascape for the last time. ~

The burdens of fate.

~James watches with rapt attention as the tiny holoimage of a young man hovering above his desk, speaks.~

Luc Saldissot> Between the capsuleer corporations of the Federation there is a long tradition of lively collaboration, free exchange of ideas and active, engaging dialogue. Many of us believe that the development of social progress, better standards of life and inter-stellar peace is possible only in an atmosphere of freedom.

One can ask, how is it possible for anyone to be loyal to the Federation, as it is so multi-ethnic, wide spanning and liberal democracy with a great diversity of political thought and opinion?

The answer is that every relationship of a citizen and the Federation is different but personal. Loyalty to one's nation is not characterized by just a single quality. Although the Federation comprises a multitude of cultures, customs, races, bloodlines and traditions, the bond between a citizen and the community runs on a much deeper, personal level: it is not an artificially constructed bond.

From this foundation, we corporations Coriault Business Annex, Reclamation Technologies and Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative decided to form the Federal Consensus Outreach alliance to create a reliable framework for investments in common goals. In the future, other corporations may be invited to join the Federal Consensus Outreach.

Federal Consensus Outreach is not yet an established alliance. We are still in the process of trying out things. In the future, we will operate as a democracy as we continue to advance the principles of individual freedom, civil society and free enterprise across the cluster. On this journey, we welcome a wide variety of opinions and areas of interest in an association of mutual support and integration contributing to the betterment of all involved including the Federation itself.

In the words of President Arlette Villers, the Federation is not a defined region of space, of planets, of mountains, rivers, or woods. It is a vision.”

~James leans back in his chair, smiling to himself while turning to face the barrier wall and the ever familiar seascape. ~

James Syagrius > That young man should run for President someday.

Personal Log YC114.01.14.

~James sits at one end of a large oval table inside an oval room.  The architecture is typical for a Federation Station.  Muffled sounds of construction can be heard nearby. ~

James Syagrius> Personal log, computer please insert today’s date. 

James Syagrius> Remodeling has began on our newest office… ~is interrupted by a loud repeating percussive noise, James’s expression changes slightly showing some irritation.~ … located in the Astral Mining Refinery orbiting Intaki V.

James Syagrius> While material isn’t in as short supply as I had assumed, considering the political situation in Intaki, the work ethic of the locals is…. ~is interrupted again by a loud vibrating percussive noise, James’s expression changes again, showing even more irritation. ~ exasperating.

James Syagrius> Overall I am pleased with the direction of things at the moment.  Kat has settled into his own, his business since is keen, even predatory.  Which in and of itself explains why… ~is interrupted yet again by a loud percussive noise, James’s expression doesn’t change, but he slowly starts drumming his fingers on the table’s surface~... which is why I asked him to take the post. 

James Syagrius> ~smirks to himself. ~ The brothers Polix continue to haul in vast amounts of product.  There drive, I honestly don’t understand, but the results are lucrative for them and Reclamations.

James Syagrius> Loreael, one of our new...  ~is interrupted by a loud percussive blast that is powerful enough to rattle the table and knock dust into the air, James takes on a worried look as he looks in the direction of the disturbance, then shakes his head while rubbing the bridge of his nose.~ ...members he can fly an Orca, always a bonus, and brings additionally robust skills in other areas to our labors.  While quiet, he has incorporated himself into the group and I have high hopes regarding his future. ~pauses for a second as if sniffing the air, in a raised voice.~ Is that smoke?  Do I smell smoke?  Well for the love of... End log.

Personal Log YC113.12.21

~James sets in his habitual pose watching the grey tide through the barrier. ~
James Syagrius > All of the active capsuleer team from Advent, save Kiruss, are now in my care.
~James picks up and sips something hot from an unfashionable chalice. ~
James Syagrius > Ava ~smiles to himself~ is fairly much into his own pursuits but understand the boundaries of this involvement.

James Syagrius > Kat is all and all an asset.  Since his arrival our profit margins from trade in refined product have increased markedly.   Having someone of character to rely on gives me an unfamiliar satisfaction.
~James takes another sip of the beverage. ~
James Syagrius > The addition of the brothers Polix ~takes on a sly grin~ has added an element of the impulsiveness to the jumble that is now Reclamation.  Their instinctive competitiveness is honed razor sharp buy their fraternal rivalry to outdo each other.  I hope their move from G.I.P.A. doesn’t overly concern Bastian.  But be that as it may, they are happy here and we are happy to have them.
~James turns to face the omnipresent displays on the far wall. ~
James Syagrius > Our daily pull of Blue Ice has increased even with the occasional efforts of the Goons and their minions to disrupt operations.  Our take has raised to a respectable two to four hundred units per day.  This coupled with the increase in refining capacity related to Kats skill, the addition of an Orca to our fleet operations, regional coordination with friendly corporations, and our revised agreements with Astral Mining, have grown our margins appreciably in the past week. 
James Syagrius > Inquiries regarding purchases of stock have come from unforeseen sources, but all have been respectfully declined.  Reclamation is ~pauses for a second, and with more gravity says ~ a family affair.
James Syagrius > I concerns that Bastian has been planeside for so long.  Considering my experience with G.I.P.A.’s, C.E.O.’s  I have learned to expect anything.  Taking into account my recent interactions with "them",  I have wondered aloud who is actually in charge over there. 
~James turns back to once again face the sea. ~
James Syagrius > I have visited Kiruss twice since he returned to known space.  He seems unsettled and there is a melancholy about him that concerns me.  I fear this will lead to ~pauses again~ poor choices.
Log Ends.

“A hard ending maketh a good beginning.”

~James watches as a tiny full body holoimage of Kiruss Dasun hovering above his desk.  He is dressed casually. His voice is somber but he speaks clearly as if each word is chosen carefully. ~

Kiruss Dasun> “Salut Investors,”

Kiruss Dasun>  “It is unfortunate news I come to you today, while your investment was a healthy amount this month I am afraid that you shall only be receiving one more of these payments. A decision has been made that Advent Ltd. will no longer continue operations past the 12th month of the year YC113. It is with that announcement that I will now detail the process for the next month.”

Kiruss Dasun> “Operations will continue for this month, profits will be made, a dividend payment will be distributed on 01.01.YC114. It will likely not be sizeable and will mostly consist of the profits from operations we will be scrapping together as we make the efforts to remove the tower, modules, and assets to be liquidated, and for those of you who have visited Pas La Fin you know how isolated the system is.”

Kiruss Dasun>  “At anytime you may send me a request for Advent Ltd. to buy back your shares, since it is a decision made by us we will be buying them back for the amount that they were sold to you (11,111.00 ISK/Share). But be advised that these requests will not be accepted after 07.01.YC114 and your shares will be worthless.”

Kiruss Dasun> “If you have any questions about this process you can contact me anytime.”

Kiruss Dasun> “Fly safe.”

~The holoimage flickers to standby then disappears as James taps the surface of his desk. ~

~James leans back in his chair sipping a hot beverage then setting it down in its saucer~

~Speaking to the system A.I.~

James Syagrius > “Clara please contact Kat Robspierre and notify me when he responds.”

A Traitorous Eye.

~James watches as a tiny holographic person hovering above his desk speaks.~

Tiberious Thessalonia > "That is why I have joined Nation, friends."

~Tapping his desk the tiny figure vanishes.~

~Raising his cup to the empty office.~

James Syagrius > "Raze if you weren’t dead I would have to say I told you so."

"The youth you breathe of guilty, be assured."

~James sets quietly in his dimly lit office observing the wind on the sea. ~

~He sips a hot beverage setting it down on its saucer. ~

~Looking up and to the left he says to the room. ~

"Production log YC: 113.10.27."

"Isotope production from blue ice harvest continues apace, to date with only one… interruption in acquisition."

"Diplomatic resolution concluded to our satisfaction with conflict corporate entity, related to offending individual. Standing neutrality confirmed."

~Picks up his beverage and takes another sip.~

"Transfer contract with Advent Limited completed, as per request by Dasun, Kiurss. Chief Executive Officer same entity."

~Sets the beverage back into the saucer. ~

"Request from FIO Handler for personality profiles, observations, on Advent related personalities received, response… awaiting consideration."

~James stands and stretches his back, then begins walking towards the barrier wall. ~

"Personal Log same date."

"Kiruss’s visits have increased in frequency. I wonder what, if anything has impelled his “attention”.

"Kiruss has an easy manner that is appealing and disarming. He is focused and ambitious in the slapdash way of youth. He is energetic but occasionally morose, and considers himself a “non conformist”. My personal fondness for him aside he relies on internalized morality. Like most who rely on their own conscious, he is totally adrift, and has a disturbing capacity to ignore or at best tolerate evil. His dedication to the Federation is in my estimation nonexistent.Despite all of that he is the closest thing to a friend I have outside of my household."

~James sticks a hand through the barrier wall apparently testing the outside temperature, and then walks back towards his desk. ~

"I haven’t seen or spoken to Kat since my departure from Advent. Considering Ava’s decision to join Reclamation, I haven’t attempted contact, desiring to avoid the perception of rustling Advent associates. Kat is a level headed young man, with a mind to profit. I am not sure as to his goals but I am fairly certain that his loyalty is to his own enrichment before any other consideration. I will when the situation allows try to ascertain information related to his personality and motivation. Perhaps I should try to buy known information from him to determine his level of… corporate loyalty."

~James sits back down at his desk, turning his chair to face the barrier wall and the ever familiar seascape. ~

~After a few moments of consideration he speaks again. ~

"My departure from Advent was directly related to Kiruss’s relationship with Kyber. While I don’t particularly care how Kiurss spends his free time, his granting friendly standing to True Slave Foundations, was simply unacceptable."

"The few civil conversations I have had with Kyber indicated that he is intelligent, capable, open minded, personable and totally ambivalent to the evil he is associated with. While I doubt I will have the opportunity, I don’t think I will be able to maintain any objectivity in my dealings with him, regardless of the motivation for contact. If FIO wants someone to “get to know him", they will have to find someone else to deal with that…. fellow."

~James picks up his beverage, finding it cold he frowns and sets it back down without drinking.~

"End recording."

The Ties that Bind.

~The architecture of the oval room is Pre-Federation Gallentean, which combines a simple yet opulent ascetic.  Another wall nearly hidden by omnipresent displays, showing news feeds, their translucence giving the room an insubstantial quality. The outside wall a shield separating the interior from a functional balcony, beyond a subarctic landscape rolls into a gray sea.  This wall shimmers as wind blows occasional sleet or drizzle onto its surface.  The furniture efficiently built yet comfortable. The lone decoration rests upon a simple dais displaying a Ni Kunni antiquity.~

~James sits quietly nodding to the fleeting image of a virtually displayed Kiruss Dasun as it flickers out of existence, the responsible holo-drone quietly warbling back into its socket~

~He plucks from a nearby table a cup from its saucer.  Taking a sip of its steaming contents, his eyes fixed on the space where facsimile of Kiruss had stood.~


Brealin Tommlinson had only recently been hired as a hydraulics specialist third class, aboard “Opportune” James Syagrius’s Hulk class Exhumer.

It was a good job!

The boss had never even boarded the ship since Brealin had been aboard, and they were based at Halle VII - Moon 6 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant.  Nice and safe and close to home.

But now something was horribly wrong.

The crew was not used to actually seeing him.

He had walked, walked mind you to the command deck of Opportune and had ordered her into space.

Why wasn’t he in his damned Pod?

Brealin could tell everyone was on edge, even the Executive Officer.

This wasn’t normal.

Destination ordered, the nearest belt only seconds away.

Before the ship even came to rest she began decimating rock at distance.

Unwise and untested Serpentis were quickly dispatched by angry drones.
Blown to dust before they even knew how hopeless the fight they picked was.

He just stood there silent as the age old rocks whose eternity was about to end.

He watched the beams, bathed in the golden light of Halle’s sun.

No one said anything, barely breathing.

Why wasn’t he in his damned Pod?

Something was horribly wrong.

Family Business.

~James gazed at the virtual representation of the Obelisk class freighter displayed before him. ~

~A frail Ni Kunni elder stands restlessly by his side as he inspects the specifics of the design.~

Hygelic Adal > “Is she not everything I promised?”

~James nods in the affirmative.~

James Syagrius> “It appears to be.”

~The Ni Kunni takes on a mild expression of shock and offence.~

Hygelic Adal> “It! She, is not an it, you dim witted barbarian! It wounds me that you would doubt she is anything less than what you requested.”

~James leans back from the display, giving the Ni Kunni a slight smile. ~

James Syagrius> “If I find out she is refurbished, I will have Remie slit your venerable throat.”

~The Ni Kunni gives a slight smile, and then nods. ~

Hygelic Adal > “What will you name her?”

~James speaks without a pause to think.~

James Syagrius> “Miser's Fancy”.

~The Ni Kunni frowns, shaking his head. ~

Hygelic Adal > “A silly name for such a finely crafted ship.”

~The Ni Kunni waves his hands in the air as if dismissing something.~

Hygelic Adal > “But enough business!  How is my daughter?”

~James stands.  Walks to a small table and pours golden fluid into a glass. ~

James Syagrius> “My wife is fine thank you and she has invited you to supper.

~The Ni Kunni beams with perhaps genuine delight.~

“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall”

~The near ballistic arch of measured steps carried him swiftly to his desk. ~

~No thought was given to the gray sea, shrouded by a troubled sky, seen beyond the shimmering wall that usually moderated his pace.  Today they were perfect complements to his mood.~

~James sat at his desk both simple and opulent.  An omnipresent display snapped into existence, hovering translucent above the desk. ~

“Display channel log ADVOP YC113.09.”

~James leans forward in his chair inspecting the data. ~

“Play data start timestamp 05:17:05, audio only please.”

Why do I say please to this computer?

Dasun > I didn't say he changed, at all.”

“Dasun > Anyways, I have been active for too long today and some rest would likely be a good idea.”

“Syagrius > You always do that.”

“Syagrius > Avoid the situation."

“Dasun > You're not free from that fault yourself, James.”

“Syagrius > Really?”

“Dasun > I believe you chose not to get into something earlier, but you seem to always be able to get into a conversation about Kyber and the Nation. But as I said I am going inactive now, fly safe.”

Robspierre > um, whhat was that all about?”

“End playback”

~James leans back in his chair, his hands joined fingertips to fingertips.~

~He slowly swivels the chair to face the shimmering wall, and the growing tempest beyond.~

All That Remains.

She walks quietly by the door of his study.

He is listening to it again. 

How many times had he followed this mournful ritual?

Was it something he did only when the remembrances of home coerced him, she didn’t know?

She supposed it didn’t matter; his reaction was always the same.

 ~A calm female voice~
Video Transmission Date: YC110.6.3”
“From: Robert Syagrius."
“Do you wish to replay this message?”

 ~A quiet older male voice~

~A young eager male voice~
“Hey dad, got your message.”
“There is really nothing for you and mom to be worried about.”
“The riots here are not as bad as the news makes them out to be.”

 ~The young voice laughs~
“Caldari are a hot blooded people that’s for sure.”
“But Sgt says tempers over Malkalen and all.”
“It’s our own hot heads we need to worry about.”
“We are being reassigned from Tovil District in the morning.”
“I can’t wait to see you two, mom is cooking right?”
“Anyways please ask her to cook!”
“I gotta go.”
"I will see you next week."
“I love you dad.”

~A calm female voice~
“End of transmission.”
Video Transmission Date: YC110.6.3”
“From: Robert Syagrius."
“Do you wish to save this message?”

~A quiet older male voice~

 ~A calm female voice~
"Video Transmission Saved."
“Video Transmission Date: YC110.6.3”
“From: Robert Syagrius."
“Do you wish to replay this message?”

 ~A quiet older male voice~

 ~A young eager male voice~
“Hey dad, got your message.”

Mourning Muse.

It was early yet and the household was still.

The gentle patter of sleet upon the window had awoken her.

Lellah, the daughter of Hygelic watched her sleeping husband.

She remembered her father’s time worn lament, “How fickle fate was with the lives of men.” She understood now.

His visits home had grown far too infrequent.

Even his body wasn’t the same.

Oh he was conscientious enough to keep the clone age appropriate, but still not the same.

When you have been lovers for as long as they had, you know your partner’s body like a familiar landscape. A scar from a mishap climbing for Uellarion blossoms, a burn from a campfire ember, a mark of passion, gone.

But still, he was here now.

~She sighs softly, reaching out to touch his exposed leg.~ "I am your helpmeet, your respite; I will keep this empty house, I will not shun my oath."