The burdens of fate.

~James watches with rapt attention as the tiny holoimage of a young man hovering above his desk, speaks.~

Luc Saldissot> Between the capsuleer corporations of the Federation there is a long tradition of lively collaboration, free exchange of ideas and active, engaging dialogue. Many of us believe that the development of social progress, better standards of life and inter-stellar peace is possible only in an atmosphere of freedom.

One can ask, how is it possible for anyone to be loyal to the Federation, as it is so multi-ethnic, wide spanning and liberal democracy with a great diversity of political thought and opinion?

The answer is that every relationship of a citizen and the Federation is different but personal. Loyalty to one's nation is not characterized by just a single quality. Although the Federation comprises a multitude of cultures, customs, races, bloodlines and traditions, the bond between a citizen and the community runs on a much deeper, personal level: it is not an artificially constructed bond.

From this foundation, we corporations Coriault Business Annex, Reclamation Technologies and Gallente Independent Progressive Alternative decided to form the Federal Consensus Outreach alliance to create a reliable framework for investments in common goals. In the future, other corporations may be invited to join the Federal Consensus Outreach.

Federal Consensus Outreach is not yet an established alliance. We are still in the process of trying out things. In the future, we will operate as a democracy as we continue to advance the principles of individual freedom, civil society and free enterprise across the cluster. On this journey, we welcome a wide variety of opinions and areas of interest in an association of mutual support and integration contributing to the betterment of all involved including the Federation itself.

In the words of President Arlette Villers, the Federation is not a defined region of space, of planets, of mountains, rivers, or woods. It is a vision.”

~James leans back in his chair, smiling to himself while turning to face the barrier wall and the ever familiar seascape. ~

James Syagrius > That young man should run for President someday.