A house is not a home.

~James is in his now familiar office.  The usual omnipresent wall displays are inactive; the office is bare of anything but furniture.  A small Sebiestor boy walks into the office holding a round transparent containment capsule enclosing a small overly domesticated ornamental fish.~

The boy> Kiruss doesn’t want to leave.

~James turns half smiling towards the boy. ~

James Syagrius> Really?

~The boy nods his head vigorously, sloshing the liquid environment contained within the capsule and its resident. ~

James Syagrius> I see.

The boy> Do we have to go?

~James sits on the corner of his desk now devoid of clutter his face impassive. ~

James Syagrius> Yes.

The boy> But why?

James Syagrius> Well some people have decided they want to hurt us, and I cannot properly protect you here.

~The boy frowns seeming to understand but saying noting. ~

James Syagrius> Are you all packed?

~The boy slowly nods yes. ~

~James smiles and the boy and points at the fish. ~

James Syagrius> Well good, now you should take Kiruss and get to the shuttle, we don’t want him to get nervous.  Will you be riding with Nana?

~The boy smiles and nods yes~

James Syagrius> Well get going!  ~shooing the boy along with his hands. ~

~The boy smiles, turns and hurries towards the door, then stops and faces James. ~

The boy> Well we ever get to come back?

~James looks at the boy and gently says~

James Syagrius> No.

~The boy considers this a moment, then turns and walks slowly through the door. ~

~James seeming older and smaller stares at the door for several moments.  Then stands and walks slowly to the barrier wall looking out over the familiar seascape for the last time. ~