Personal Log YC113.12.21

~James sets in his habitual pose watching the grey tide through the barrier. ~
James Syagrius > All of the active capsuleer team from Advent, save Kiruss, are now in my care.
~James picks up and sips something hot from an unfashionable chalice. ~
James Syagrius > Ava ~smiles to himself~ is fairly much into his own pursuits but understand the boundaries of this involvement.

James Syagrius > Kat is all and all an asset.  Since his arrival our profit margins from trade in refined product have increased markedly.   Having someone of character to rely on gives me an unfamiliar satisfaction.
~James takes another sip of the beverage. ~
James Syagrius > The addition of the brothers Polix ~takes on a sly grin~ has added an element of the impulsiveness to the jumble that is now Reclamation.  Their instinctive competitiveness is honed razor sharp buy their fraternal rivalry to outdo each other.  I hope their move from G.I.P.A. doesn’t overly concern Bastian.  But be that as it may, they are happy here and we are happy to have them.
~James turns to face the omnipresent displays on the far wall. ~
James Syagrius > Our daily pull of Blue Ice has increased even with the occasional efforts of the Goons and their minions to disrupt operations.  Our take has raised to a respectable two to four hundred units per day.  This coupled with the increase in refining capacity related to Kats skill, the addition of an Orca to our fleet operations, regional coordination with friendly corporations, and our revised agreements with Astral Mining, have grown our margins appreciably in the past week. 
James Syagrius > Inquiries regarding purchases of stock have come from unforeseen sources, but all have been respectfully declined.  Reclamation is ~pauses for a second, and with more gravity says ~ a family affair.
James Syagrius > I concerns that Bastian has been planeside for so long.  Considering my experience with G.I.P.A.’s, C.E.O.’s  I have learned to expect anything.  Taking into account my recent interactions with "them",  I have wondered aloud who is actually in charge over there. 
~James turns back to once again face the sea. ~
James Syagrius > I have visited Kiruss twice since he returned to known space.  He seems unsettled and there is a melancholy about him that concerns me.  I fear this will lead to ~pauses again~ poor choices.
Log Ends.