“A hard ending maketh a good beginning.”

~James watches as a tiny full body holoimage of Kiruss Dasun hovering above his desk.  He is dressed casually. His voice is somber but he speaks clearly as if each word is chosen carefully. ~

Kiruss Dasun> “Salut Investors,”

Kiruss Dasun>  “It is unfortunate news I come to you today, while your investment was a healthy amount this month I am afraid that you shall only be receiving one more of these payments. A decision has been made that Advent Ltd. will no longer continue operations past the 12th month of the year YC113. It is with that announcement that I will now detail the process for the next month.”

Kiruss Dasun> “Operations will continue for this month, profits will be made, a dividend payment will be distributed on 01.01.YC114. It will likely not be sizeable and will mostly consist of the profits from operations we will be scrapping together as we make the efforts to remove the tower, modules, and assets to be liquidated, and for those of you who have visited Pas La Fin you know how isolated the system is.”

Kiruss Dasun>  “At anytime you may send me a request for Advent Ltd. to buy back your shares, since it is a decision made by us we will be buying them back for the amount that they were sold to you (11,111.00 ISK/Share). But be advised that these requests will not be accepted after 07.01.YC114 and your shares will be worthless.”

Kiruss Dasun> “If you have any questions about this process you can contact me anytime.”

Kiruss Dasun> “Fly safe.”

~The holoimage flickers to standby then disappears as James taps the surface of his desk. ~

~James leans back in his chair sipping a hot beverage then setting it down in its saucer~

~Speaking to the system A.I.~

James Syagrius > “Clara please contact Kat Robspierre and notify me when he responds.”