Brealin Tommlinson had only recently been hired as a hydraulics specialist third class, aboard “Opportune” James Syagrius’s Hulk class Exhumer.

It was a good job!

The boss had never even boarded the ship since Brealin had been aboard, and they were based at Halle VII - Moon 6 - Federal Intelligence Office Assembly Plant.  Nice and safe and close to home.

But now something was horribly wrong.

The crew was not used to actually seeing him.

He had walked, walked mind you to the command deck of Opportune and had ordered her into space.

Why wasn’t he in his damned Pod?

Brealin could tell everyone was on edge, even the Executive Officer.

This wasn’t normal.

Destination ordered, the nearest belt only seconds away.

Before the ship even came to rest she began decimating rock at distance.

Unwise and untested Serpentis were quickly dispatched by angry drones.
Blown to dust before they even knew how hopeless the fight they picked was.

He just stood there silent as the age old rocks whose eternity was about to end.

He watched the beams, bathed in the golden light of Halle’s sun.

No one said anything, barely breathing.

Why wasn’t he in his damned Pod?

Something was horribly wrong.