Family Business.

~James gazed at the virtual representation of the Obelisk class freighter displayed before him. ~

~A frail Ni Kunni elder stands restlessly by his side as he inspects the specifics of the design.~

Hygelic Adal > “Is she not everything I promised?”

~James nods in the affirmative.~

James Syagrius> “It appears to be.”

~The Ni Kunni takes on a mild expression of shock and offence.~

Hygelic Adal> “It! She, is not an it, you dim witted barbarian! It wounds me that you would doubt she is anything less than what you requested.”

~James leans back from the display, giving the Ni Kunni a slight smile. ~

James Syagrius> “If I find out she is refurbished, I will have Remie slit your venerable throat.”

~The Ni Kunni gives a slight smile, and then nods. ~

Hygelic Adal > “What will you name her?”

~James speaks without a pause to think.~

James Syagrius> “Miser's Fancy”.

~The Ni Kunni frowns, shaking his head. ~

Hygelic Adal > “A silly name for such a finely crafted ship.”

~The Ni Kunni waves his hands in the air as if dismissing something.~

Hygelic Adal > “But enough business!  How is my daughter?”

~James stands.  Walks to a small table and pours golden fluid into a glass. ~

James Syagrius> “My wife is fine thank you and she has invited you to supper.

~The Ni Kunni beams with perhaps genuine delight.~