“Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall”

~The near ballistic arch of measured steps carried him swiftly to his desk. ~

~No thought was given to the gray sea, shrouded by a troubled sky, seen beyond the shimmering wall that usually moderated his pace.  Today they were perfect complements to his mood.~

~James sat at his desk both simple and opulent.  An omnipresent display snapped into existence, hovering translucent above the desk. ~

“Display channel log ADVOP YC113.09.”

~James leans forward in his chair inspecting the data. ~

“Play data start timestamp 05:17:05, audio only please.”

Why do I say please to this computer?

Dasun > I didn't say he changed, at all.”

“Dasun > Anyways, I have been active for too long today and some rest would likely be a good idea.”

“Syagrius > You always do that.”

“Syagrius > Avoid the situation."

“Dasun > You're not free from that fault yourself, James.”

“Syagrius > Really?”

“Dasun > I believe you chose not to get into something earlier, but you seem to always be able to get into a conversation about Kyber and the Nation. But as I said I am going inactive now, fly safe.”

Robspierre > um, whhat was that all about?”

“End playback”

~James leans back in his chair, his hands joined fingertips to fingertips.~

~He slowly swivels the chair to face the shimmering wall, and the growing tempest beyond.~