The Ties that Bind.

~The architecture of the oval room is Pre-Federation Gallentean, which combines a simple yet opulent ascetic.  Another wall nearly hidden by omnipresent displays, showing news feeds, their translucence giving the room an insubstantial quality. The outside wall a shield separating the interior from a functional balcony, beyond a subarctic landscape rolls into a gray sea.  This wall shimmers as wind blows occasional sleet or drizzle onto its surface.  The furniture efficiently built yet comfortable. The lone decoration rests upon a simple dais displaying a Ni Kunni antiquity.~

~James sits quietly nodding to the fleeting image of a virtually displayed Kiruss Dasun as it flickers out of existence, the responsible holo-drone quietly warbling back into its socket~

~He plucks from a nearby table a cup from its saucer.  Taking a sip of its steaming contents, his eyes fixed on the space where facsimile of Kiruss had stood.~