"The youth you breathe of guilty, be assured."

~James sets quietly in his dimly lit office observing the wind on the sea. ~

~He sips a hot beverage setting it down on its saucer. ~

~Looking up and to the left he says to the room. ~

"Production log YC: 113.10.27."

"Isotope production from blue ice harvest continues apace, to date with only one… interruption in acquisition."

"Diplomatic resolution concluded to our satisfaction with conflict corporate entity, related to offending individual. Standing neutrality confirmed."

~Picks up his beverage and takes another sip.~

"Transfer contract with Advent Limited completed, as per request by Dasun, Kiurss. Chief Executive Officer same entity."

~Sets the beverage back into the saucer. ~

"Request from FIO Handler for personality profiles, observations, on Advent related personalities received, response… awaiting consideration."

~James stands and stretches his back, then begins walking towards the barrier wall. ~

"Personal Log same date."

"Kiruss’s visits have increased in frequency. I wonder what, if anything has impelled his “attention”.

"Kiruss has an easy manner that is appealing and disarming. He is focused and ambitious in the slapdash way of youth. He is energetic but occasionally morose, and considers himself a “non conformist”. My personal fondness for him aside he relies on internalized morality. Like most who rely on their own conscious, he is totally adrift, and has a disturbing capacity to ignore or at best tolerate evil. His dedication to the Federation is in my estimation nonexistent.Despite all of that he is the closest thing to a friend I have outside of my household."

~James sticks a hand through the barrier wall apparently testing the outside temperature, and then walks back towards his desk. ~

"I haven’t seen or spoken to Kat since my departure from Advent. Considering Ava’s decision to join Reclamation, I haven’t attempted contact, desiring to avoid the perception of rustling Advent associates. Kat is a level headed young man, with a mind to profit. I am not sure as to his goals but I am fairly certain that his loyalty is to his own enrichment before any other consideration. I will when the situation allows try to ascertain information related to his personality and motivation. Perhaps I should try to buy known information from him to determine his level of… corporate loyalty."

~James sits back down at his desk, turning his chair to face the barrier wall and the ever familiar seascape. ~

~After a few moments of consideration he speaks again. ~

"My departure from Advent was directly related to Kiruss’s relationship with Kyber. While I don’t particularly care how Kiurss spends his free time, his granting friendly standing to True Slave Foundations, was simply unacceptable."

"The few civil conversations I have had with Kyber indicated that he is intelligent, capable, open minded, personable and totally ambivalent to the evil he is associated with. While I doubt I will have the opportunity, I don’t think I will be able to maintain any objectivity in my dealings with him, regardless of the motivation for contact. If FIO wants someone to “get to know him", they will have to find someone else to deal with that…. fellow."

~James picks up his beverage, finding it cold he frowns and sets it back down without drinking.~

"End recording."