The better part of valor is discretion, in the which better part I have sav'd my life.

~James stands near an observation window in Reclamation Technologies Offices in Shizu Station.  The deep thud of concussive impacts gently rattles through the structure, accompanied by a barely perceptible but terminal vibration. ~

>Oland Jan: Will we help them.

>James Syagrius: We don't have the means.

>Oland Jan: No matter the cause, this is not right.

>James Syagrius: ~He smiles and looks at his feet for a second, then back to the small fleet assaulting the station.~ If the principle player in this wasn’t a known idiot, I would suspect the whole thing contrived.  But no matter, we have been played, Oland.  Played for fools yet again. 

>Oland Jan: ~Glances to the window then back to James.~ I don’t understand.  By who?

>James Syagrius.  Everyone, even those you wish to help.  We thought there was a chance, a chance to build something… brighter.  To foster understanding…. you know.. the ambiguous things that make us all feel human.  We were even arrogant enough to hope for peace.  But there can be no accommodation with… them. ~James waves a hand towards the offending fleet.~

>Oland Jan: Is it bad to wish for better?

>James Syagrius: ~Chuckles and shakes his head no.~  No, but is usually unwise.  I let hope take hold you see, and now we pay for being foolishly optimistic.  ~Glances an Oland.~ You’re going to be unemployed soon.

>Oland Jan: Did I do something wrong?

>James Syagrius: ~Chuckles and shakes his head no yet again. ~ Most likely, but in this instance, you didn’t, you are loyal and kind, a rare enough mix indeed.  But you deserve better than I can give, and I may well fail in the task I am setting for myself.  I wouldn’t ask anyone to travel with me.

>Oland Jan: I, ~Pauses for a moment~ Understand.

>James Syagrius: ~Smiles and nods absently as chaos reigns. ~ Well, let’s see what happens next, shall we?  .