"Farewell! thou art too dear for my possessing"

~Two men stand near the embarkation ramp of a Federal Shuttle.  The older in a conservative business suit with Amarrian accents, the younger in contemporary traveling gear.  Two men in yellow jumpsuits exit the shuttle and nod to the men, The younger returns the nod and thanks them, the older man pays them no notice.~

>Tycho. I am loaded then.
>James. It would seem so.
>Tycho. You have been a good man to me.
>Tycho. I hope you find a happier way.
>James. We walk the paths we choose.

~Nodding to the waiting shuttle.~

>James. The pilot is one of mine, he will get to where your going.
>Tycho. Ho you are worried I will get lost?
>James. No.  Tycho you are the least lost person I know.
>Tycho. I thank you James Syagrius for all of it.
>James. In the balance of things, I am in your debt.

~flashes a broad smile~

>James. Now go, be happy.
>Tycho. Good bye James.

~Tycho steps towards James embracing him.~
~James momentarily confused returns the embrace and whispers something into Tychos ear.~
~Tycho backs away searches for something in James face, then nods.~
~Walking up the embarkation ramp Tycho turns and waves before disappearing into the ship.~
~As the ramp raises James moves out of uplift range and watches as the shuttle makes its way out of the hanger.~
~After several minutes a young Ni Kunni approaches James, bowing deeply before he speaks.~

>Ta'Noth. Good sir, it is cold here.

~James turns and gives the young man a kind smile.~

>James. Yes it is, thank you for reminding me.

~The young Ni Kunni follows as James makes his way out of the hanger.~