Our doubts are traitors,

~James is standing at his desk, looking down on the tiny projected image of a young man in a Federal Navy uniform. ~

James Syagrius> So what your telling me Lieutenant is that there is, ~shrugs~ nothing you can tell me?  Is that correct?

Lt. Mabry> Yes Sir, that is about it.

James Syagrius> So Reclamation Technologies loses a freighter, loaded with ice and a crew, in a Federation high security system ~extends his arms outward~  far from the war zone, to State Protectorate forces and you can’t tell me why?

Lt. Mabry> Yes Sir, I can’t.  I, ~pauses~ what I mean to say is, ~pauses again~ no I can’t.

James Syagrius> And I suppose you can’t tell me why the Federal Navy didn’t respond?

Lt. Mabry> No Sir.  All I can say is that it appears that no Fed Navy assets were in system at the time of the unfortunate attack.

James Syagrius> ~Sighs~ Well thank you Lieutenant you have been considerably more helpful than the idiot who contacted me from Federal Admin.

Lt. Mabry> Again Mr. Syagrius I want to express the... ~James waves his hand over an indicator killing the communication.  The tiny figure of Lieutenant Mabry flickers out of existence in mid sentence. ~

~James walks over to the corner of his office to inspect the flag of the Federation standing proudly in the corner.~

~In a rare bust of expressed anger James grabs flag and pole roughly, then slams them to the floor. ~